Jason Lapierre   1971 - 2006


Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out shouting, "Holy crap, what a ride!"

July 19, 2006     

...Today we lost one of our best friends. We mourn his passing and celebrate his life and his legacy. He will be missed by so many people.  Please leave us your experiences of Jason and let us know how he touched your life. Thank you...

These words appeared at www.jlapierre.blogspot.com which was created by Jason's friends, Mark Schwan and Mark Kaltenbach.  During the weeks and months following Jason's death, family and friends aired their immense grief and love for Jason.

The following is the outpouring of emotion which appeared on the blogspot...  

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Jay in years...but, I will always remember his piercing blue eyes and his infectious laugh. He will be missed by all who knew him. Love from his hometown of Cornwall ...6:07 PM

Julian said...

you were a wealth of knowledge, and a true motivator. Your sense of homor, priceless.
I will miss the postings on the Kronos web page, TRIKS and all.
Your Friend,
Julian ...6:15 PM

Twiggs said...

~ Cheers to one of the greatest friends I have ever known ~

I knew Jay Lapierre for 15 years and had the pleasure of spending 5+ years with Jay Lapierre, in Thunder Bay, at Lakehead. So many good times with the little frenchman (and yes I am allowed to call him that).
Anybody missing Lap should rent the move – PREFONTAINE – that was Jason Lapierre (and an uncanny resemblance to Lap). Constantly pushing and striving to be better than the next day…teaching all of us that we shouldn't settle for second best.

DID WE LEARN FROM LAP? Or have we taken life for granted. Somehow I feel that our adored little French buddy is still trying to teaching us a lesson today.

Everyone should rest easy knowing that we now, have a dedicated angel on our shoulders, looking out for us. I know personally, if Jay has to continuously run around a track in heaven to ensure my entry into the pearly gates – he will, he was that type of friend.

"Don't know what you've got till it's gone" is a strange but sad truth.

Lap was again a great friend and companion who has moved on to bigger and better things – just like he planned the whole time – we just didn't realize it.

love from your self-proclaimed brother.
Twiggs ...7:45 PM

Kirsten Baumber said...

It was very touching at Sylvan on Saturday - they held a moment of silence for Jay's memory - I must admit that I found myself misting up - I never knew Jay, other than in passing - but he had a huge impact in a number of sports - from Alpine skiing to cycling, and also in triathlon. It's such a tragedy, and I feel for his friends and family - also for those who are on the Way Past Fast tri team - my thoughts are with everyone who this man touched.

Let's hope there are no more tragedies...

My thoughts are with you...and for those he has left behind - all we can do is remember, love, and carry on in his memory. ...10:51 PM

mike h said...

You were one of a kind. Of the numerous training runs and rides we did together, none of them were sufferfests - mainly because of the company. You were always keen on hammering where we needed to hammer and stopping for coffe when it was time for a break. Still can't beleive the time we stopped in Cochrane and you had this enourmous cinnamon bun and an equally large slice of carrot cake, then proceeded to hammer up the hill back into town. You were always game on trying new things, after my miserable IMCdA this year I almost had you suckered in to doing another IM distance race. I knew you looked at the race course in detail because your email back was simply "I'm afraid of tortoises." I had to go back through the fine print to find out what the heck you were talking about. One thing that really impressed me was your dedication to the kids that you coached. I remember you stopping on a run to show me how ski racers used hip muscles to generate force in a turn - making me wish I had that kind of advice when I raced. There a lots more stories that will always be in my mind and every bump on the road will help me remember you.

Thanks bud,
Mike ...10:11 AM

Anonymous said...

I will miss stopping with 10k to go on those 200k rides to order pizza so it could be delivered right when we got home. The long road trips to races, the pranks and the great conversations were special times we had together. I would not hesitate to say that you were my best friend in the past couple of years.

I will miss you as a great friend, training buddy and role model. There are so many that owe so much to you for your leadership and coaching to help make us what we are in terms of athletes and people. You always believed in us and pushed us to accomplish more.

Your friend,
Kyle Marcotte ...11:57 AM

Anonymous said...

Your kindness and generosity always amazed me. You were a great friend, training buddy and leader always looking for the best for your friends. I was privileged to have called myself one of your friends.

I always enjoyed our daily pranking and banter, and admired you for always watching to make sure that no one was left feeling hurt. You had the heart of a giant (in a slightly smaller package buddy).

I will miss you dearly and always.

With sadness that is without measure, I wish you well in your journey my friend and assure you, we will never ever let your memory fade.

Your friend ...12:08 PM

Anonymous said...

Your kindness and generosity always amazed me. You were a great friend, training buddy and leader always looking for the best for your friends. I was privileged to have called myself one of your friends.

I always enjoyed our daily pranking and banter, and admired you for always watching to make sure that no one was left feeling hurt. You had the heart of a giant (in a slightly smaller package buddy).

I will miss you dearly and always.

With sadness that is without measure, I wish you well in your journey my friend and assure you, we will never ever let your memory fade.

Your friend,

Hal ...12:08 PM

Damian said...

I'm sorry I never had the chance to spend more time with you. I'll always remember my first meeting with you (Driving with Steph and Duane into Calgary). Steph and you had a great conversation which ended with both of you agreeing to disagree! Although I only had the opportunity to spend a short two years in your presence, you brought a lot of smiles to my face and many good times.

My fondest memory is from Austria. I finally got the upper hand when you tried to embarasse me by sending a "unique" email to a, Christina Risler. It was ment to exploit me, however, I ended up meeting her and fell in love. I've been with her ever since (almost two years) and it was all thanks to my buddy Jay!

Jay was inspirational to so many people, including myself. He had ambition and a desire to teach and make a lasting impression. You'll always be remembered Jay and thank you for setting Christy and I up (I don't think I ever did thank you!)

Until we meet again.....

Damian Clow ...1:09 PM

Claude Lapierre said...

Jay and I travelled through life with an extreme zest for wellness,our journey together was amazing.As a parent we need to help our young ones to stack the blocks of life carefully in order to gradually build the highest an strongest wall possible.
Jay dedicated his love and passion of sports to others along the way to help them achieve their goals and enjoy life as much as he did. He made numerous sacrifices along the way, but being the awesome person that he was, his inner strenght allowed him to continue to the winners circle.I cannot express how sad we as a family are feeling at this time, no words can explain the pain that a parent feels loosing a child, Jay you are a tremendous inspiration to all who were fortunate to know you,I look forward to carving turns with you in heaven, I know you will have found the best slopes when I arrive. Until then you will ride on our shoulders coach and guide us along the way. You're the best son, love you dearly Dad ...1:12 PM

Anonymous said...

My fondest memory of you was at the Stanley Park sprint Triathalon in 2004. It was my first triathalon and for you, the day was one of many training races towards a much bigger goal. In fact I think you may have gone for a ride after the race was over! I was intimidated by this new challenge but remember fondly your words of encouragment and praise as you flew passed me in each event of the race.

You will always be remembered for your big heart, selfless attitude, fierce determination and commitment to your goals and to all of your many passions in life including all of your friends, family, athletes and peers.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

The world has suffered a great loss....

-Megan Zimmerman. ...2:12 PM

Anonymous said...

Claude, Jay loved you to the highest degree and most of all respected you like no other.
Look at the comments here about your son, the building blocks of life we firmly in place and his impact is immeasurable.
He is on all of our shoulders now, most definitely. ...3:23 PM

Brian said... 

Thanks for your friendship. You are an inspiration to us all. Your leadership through example will be tough to follow.

You gave me a chance as a young coach with little experience. You gave me a job and mentored me into the career. You pushed me to strive to be better and helped me move up to the provincial and then on to the national team, thank you.

Before all of that you ran a great program for coaches development up in Thunder Bay. The program helped us learn the craft and was a lot of fun. Our little group looked forward to those nights all winter long.

I'll miss you Lap. Those long drives down to Colorado were a breeze with the conversations we cooked up and the advice you shared wth me - they will stay with me forever.

Thanks for everything. I miss you.
Bri ...3:27 PM

Honeyman said...

Pretty surprising to get a call from Zags with this very sad news. My first memories of Lap were from the "quay where as a NorAm athlete he met Kim, then again through Dave Bradley, then soon after as a fellow coach.
Jason was always a league above when it came to producing athletes as he was one of them. Those he touched knew it; and the legacy he contributed to will be present in our sports for many years to come.
You will be missed Jay... for many many years to come.
You were such a mentor for all of us in so many ways.
I'm glad I was able to be part of your legacy.
"Ride on Brother, ride on!"

Dave Honeyman
Jasper ...4:44 PM

Anonymous said...

I only knew Jay for a short while but in that time he had a impact on my life. Always smiling and full of life. He was an amazing person, athlete and I'm sure a great friend to many people.
I wish God Blessings and strength to Jay's family. ...7:47 PM

Anonymous said...

I will miss the way you always smiled and had something positive to say to everyone. You had an exceptional way of making everyone feel special and talented. You brought out the best in people.
We will miss you and cherish all the special times we shared.

Your friend,
Jill ...8:33 PM

Sandman said...

I first met Jason some years back when I went to see and then bought his Softride. He said he was selling it as he just got sponsored. While discussing the bike he sold me some of his health food. How could I refuse? I never forgot that day, as he projected a certain "style for life" that I would always remember.
At subsequent tri events we laughed and exchanged greetings and I was able to introduce him to my son at a Duathlon.
Jason has left but he is still near, he's the clouds and the birds in the wind. They will always be there and our friend and companion.
Happy Trails Jason.... 9:01 PM

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you're gone, you were my greatest mentor, best coach and a true friend. I'll never forget your dedication, and commitment to everything you pursued, I was lucky enough to be one of your athletes and learn and benefit from your qualities.

Was thinking today and I realized the huge effect you have had on where I am now in all aspects of my life.

I'll always remember how stressed you got when NATC was beating us, you actually lost sleep! But that really made me realize how much you truly cared. But hey you did a pretty good job on us boys!

Keep busy, you've got alotta people to watch over.

Cory ...9:11 PM

Anonymous said...

J's passing has hit many people very hard, and I found myself grieving and crying on many occasions over the past few days, even though I had only met him once or twice in passing. We are all of us, so vulnerable out there on the road, and to know such a well respected and wonderful person was lost in an activity that many of us do every week - well, it just hit really hard. this past weekend in my home town of Sylvan Lake, it was an honour to join the crew to work very hard to see that the 1/2 Ironman went on without J, but in his memory. It was a great day, and I think every athlete was touched by the memory of J, and the loss to our community. I hope you know that everyone that knew J spoke of him with the highest level of respect and he will be dearly missed, even by those of us who barely knew him.
Scott ...10:58 PM

Jen said...

I will remember Jay as one of the leaders that helped bring our club to the forefront of the duathlon / triathlon scene in Canada. In the spring of 2003, Kyle and Jay raced at the Bare Bones Duathlon in Penticton. They took first and second place, much to the surprise of all of the BC boys. They were proudly sporting their Kronos Jerseys and other competitors were coming up to them afterwards asking "what is Kronos?". The force of Kronos has continued on since that day. Thanks Jay for inspiring us to train a little harder and to laugh along the way. Happy memories take a moment to create, but last a lifetime. Set your sails for a new horizon... 11:27 PM

Coach said...

I still cannot believe he is gone. It just doesn't seem plausible that a man as good as Jay would leave this world in such an abrupt and tragic manner. Truly, the world has lost a true shining star and for it, I personally, will find the world a little bit darker without the little frenchman spreading his smiles and laughs. There is solace, however, in knowing that at even the darkest hours of the night, Jason's star will be shining high above us always helping to light our paths as we carry forward in our own journey of life. I hope all of you, as I, will endeavor to live life as Jay did... with humour, love, great vigor, and an unresounding respect for each and everyone we meet along the path of life. Thanks for all the hints and tips Jay! Be at peace my friend because the road is straight and fast with a tailwind, a warm sun warming you back, and a grin extending from ear to ear. ...11:29 PM

Bill Donahue said...

I got to know Jay a bit over the last couple of years, primarily from annual trips to Kelly's place in Penticton for Ironman. Pretty quickly it was clear that he was a special kind of person. He was open and honest, hilarious, mischievous, self-deprecating, wise, hard-core, and easy-going - all at once. One of my favourite memories was Jay's Ironman debacle, when he had major... 'problems', during the swim and bike. He was way back from where he should've been, and when I finally saw him on the run he broke into a huge smile, started waddling like a bow-legged duck, and ran up and gave me a big bear-hug! He described what a terrible race he'd had, and the nature of his 'problems', and noted that he hadn't showered. And then gave me another hug, and started laughing again. Kinda gross - but very funny! Jay had such a great attitude, a ready laugh, and a sensitive ear. We were pumped about our next ride up Apex, and he warned me recently that he was going to be flat from lack of training leading up to it. Knowing him, that meant he was going to kick my ass, just like last time. When I do the ride in a few weeks, Lappy, you'll be in my thoughts all the way. And I'll drag Kyle and Kelly to The Garden, just for you.

Godspeed, ...12:31 AM

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate enough to meet you and get to know you last year when I first started tinkering in triathlon. You motivated me, encouraged me, gave me many pieces of advice for my first triathlon. You gave me my first drafting lesson on the bike and even then I didn't have any hope of keeping up to you.

I can not possibly imagine what Jay's family, close friends, and the young skiiers that he coached are going through right now. I didn't know Jay as well as many, but from the first day I met him, it was obvious that his friends were deeply loved and respected by him, and it is obvious from here that this was returned.

We will miss you Jay.

Jen W. ...8:36 AM

Jared said...

I have spent the last couple of days not believing that this could be true. You were such an amazing athlete and seemingly unstoppable machine. I will always remember racing with you in Saskatoon. During the road race, I was sitting in the main pack of the road race watching as 12 guys busted their asses working together to try to pull back the break. The break had gone early (probably 10k into the race), but a number of the guys in the break had been reeled back in. On one of the out and backs I saw what was left of that break. It was Jay out there solo, holding off this very powerful group of guys while pushing through a massive head wind. Jay stayed out there solo for about 60k. When the group finally brought him back, another small group broke away. So, where did Jay go? Right back to the front to try and pull them back. He was baked, but he wouldn't quit. It was an amazing thing to witness.

While your athletics were impressive, it was your personality that drew people to you. You always had great stories to tell (I will make sure I bring a spare set of gloves when I ride revelstoke) and you were always there for your friends.

Jay, it was an honor to ride with you as a teammate in Saskatoon, and it was an honor to get to know you over the past years. You are a truely genuine man and a great friend.

On thursday this past week I was taking the elevator up at work only to have it stop 1/2 way up and all of the lights turn off. At first I felt panick. But then, a wonderfully settling feeling came to me. It had to be Jay messing with me. I know I felt him that day and I know he is doing well.

I will miss you.

Jared ...9:20 AM

Anonymous said...

Jay's life first intersected mine about three and a half years ago at the first ABA road race I participated in, which was also his first. Since then, I've looked forward to racing and chatting with Jay at all the stops I could make on the ABA race calendar. We'd worked our way up through the ABA categories together at a similar pace, and I always loved seeing Jay in the parking lot before a race, I knew it would be a real race, not a Sunday ride with a sprint at the finish. You were a strong rider, driving the pace on races and placing from the front through strength moreso than from the back with cunning. Strong bonds are easy to make sharing challenge with others, bike racing is an ideal forum to create and share such pains. Racing is a short term fictional world, but it allows us all to peel back a few layers of our shells and look inside to better understand our character under duress. You never shied away from working harder than the rest to get quickly down to the core of what you had left, which always seemed like a lot. Aside from athletics and numeric results, your presence was warming, your personality was forthcoming and gregarious.

I've been on vacation and riding in a lot of beautiful places recently, and whenever I've found myself "off the front" of our group, I realized I was in your realm... I left a lot of sweat and a few tears too out there on the pavement, shed trying to chase you down on those beautiful mountain roads. We'll ride them together again... someday. Till then, when my legs are burning, I'll remember you. ...9:55 AM

Shannon said...

I never knew Jay, but knew of him mainly through his insanely funny posts on the message boards.

Back in May I actually had the privilege of having small converstation with Jay while he was in the store fixing his bike. He had me laughing within minutes.

You are an inspiring individual to many and will be missed.

Shannon ...11:42 AM

Shona said...

Jay and I were never super close, but I would definitely call him a friend. He was such a big presence on the ski hill, in the gym and on the bike. He was one of those coaches that you could never get frustrated with for pushing you too hard because you knew that if he was doing the excersise he would be kicking your ass! I never actually had the pleasure of having him coach me, but watching the athletes that he did coach I could tell there was a little of Jay in all of them. A little bit of the crazy passion that Jay exuded in every aspect of his life. I remember when i was younger and had a severe lack of determination when it came to working out and training, i would always hear from other coaches about how Jay was off on an 'easy ride'. 200km later he would be back from his 'easy' ride. This year with alot more determination in my training, i did my first ride that was over 100km. I was so proud of myself, but there was also a slight damper to my pride because all I could think of was Jay, and that to him, my ride would hardley even be warm up!
I think that no matter how well one knew Jay, he left a mark on everyone he met. He helped us all grow, and pushed us to have that love for life, that he most definitly had.
It will be quite a different atmosphere at the races next season with out the little man making a big impact.
Thanks you Jay for reminding me that I can always do more, that i can push my body further, and that life is ours for the taking.
You will be missed
SHONA ...11:50 AM

Anonymous said...

Not having known Jay with the intimacy that others have demonstrated through the memories shared on this blogspot, I thought perhaps the words of someone else would more adequately express many of these emotions and representations. I found myself listening to Forever Young by Bob Dylan the other day and I all I could think of is that every bit of lyric in this song is demonstrative of how Jay will remain in the memories of many of you and the advice he may have shared in difficult times, such as now.

May God bless and keep you always,
May your wishes all come true,
May you always do for others
And let others do for you.
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung,
May you stay forever young,
Forever young, forever young,
May you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous,
May you grow up to be true,
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you.
May you always be courageous,
Stand upright and be strong,
May you stay forever young,
Forever young, forever young,
May you stay forever young.

May your hands always be busy,
May your feet always be swift,
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift.
May your heart always be joyful,
May your song always be sung,
May you stay forever young,
Forever young, forever young,
May you stay forever young. ...11:52 AM

Anonymous said...

Jay & I had mutual friends before we even met. I was always very excited to hear all the unique stories and experiences about Jay from our mutual friends. The stories frequently made me laugh which kept me smiling for hours and were told with great admiration towards him. As a result, I liked Jay before I even met him and wanted to get to know him even more after I did meet him. Although I did not know Jay for very long I was lucky enough to experience and confirm why his contagious personality attracted so many people towards him in such a positive way.

I'm not sure there are adequate words to express my feelings, I'm actually trying to personally acknowledge and understand them all right now. Although, I know one thing is certain – Jay has given so many people including myself who have been fortunate enough to interact in his journey of life a wonderful gift. This gift is a powerful & positive reminder how to strive to treat others with absolutely true sincerity.

Thank you for this gift Jay!

Rob Beerkens ...12:26 PM

Anonymous said...

Jay was a wonderful coach and a great leader. He was always helping me with my skiing to make me the best one out there. He was the greatest coach I ever had and will always be that way. Jay would always push me to win. Even though he's gone I will always remember him in my heart.I will continue to race with Jay always being my guide and the wins will be for him. ...12:30 PM

Anonymous said...

I've known Jay since public school. Even then he was a person you always wanted around you. From our days of riding his dirt bike to him giving me a ghost ride while i was on his handle bars of his Evil Kneivel bike. He always made you laugh. While growing up playing hockey (shortest goalie ever) he always made you do your best. When I heard the news about his tragic death the other day, i was sick to my stomach. I could not believe that he was gone. This man, that has done so much for everyone else is gone. This place has lost a wonderful person. Many of you are thinking why him. At the funeral for my cousin a couple of years ago, i was wondering the same thing. As the priest was saying his speech, he turned to us and said the following: HEAVEN ONLY TAKES ANGELS.
I will miss you great Jay.
Your friend
Adam Papaleo
Cornwall ...12:44 PM

Anonymous said...

I never knew Jason but after hearing some many great things about him over the past week, I wish I did. As a triathele it hits very close to home when a highly respected member of the community is tragically lost. My heart goes out to his family and to all those who loved him.

Darin Hunter ...2:21 PM

Anonymous said...

I never personally knew Jay, but had the pleasure to causually chat with him and race against him in a few road races. His determination and talent definately shone through. He was always willing to do his share of the work and more in the pack, and he was always around to contest the sprint at the end. He made the races more lively and fun. By the sounds of it, his cycling style fit his personality. My condolences go out to his friends and family.

Devin Erfle ...4:18 PM

The Trevisanutto Family said...

Lap's tragic death has broken our hearts. We had the good fortune to have Lap a big part of our family for the 5 years that he coached our son Patrick. Lap loved the kids and they all loved him. Even while he pushed them they would smile and try harder. We watched our son grow to be strong, healthy, confident man under Jason's care. Even when Lap moved on he still stayed in touch, ever caring, ever concerned, a true part of our family.
Lap, we love you. Your bright blue eyes will forever be the colour of your thread in the fabric of our lives. Til we meet again, God speed ...4:40 PM

Anonymous said...

We only trained together on a few rides (and just one swim, 'cos neither of us like swimming much...) but these were very special rides, with a lot more going on than just training.

I will miss you, but as a lot of us, will continue to be inspired by your generous spirit.

Laurent ...5:30 PM

Greg Kawahara said...

I ran with Jay at Lakehead University in the early 1990's. We had a great time travelling to meets, working out and just having fun. He was an awesome person and will be greatly missed. ...5:42 PM

Josie said...

Thank you to the hundreds of athletes and friends who attended my brother's celebration at COP today. It felt wonderful for my family to be surrounded by so much positive energy. Please help us carry on Jay's legacy by continuing to work hard and doing your best.

Josie ...7:37 PM

Anonymous said...

We were shocked and saddened to hear about Jay. He always had a smile on his face and time to chat at all the races. He was a humble, talented athlete. We last saw him at the Chinook Half in the spring. After, we asked him how his race went and he replied, I had an "okay" race - and then, he was called up to accept his medal for first place! The triathlon community will not be the same without his presence. Our thoughts and prayers to his family.
Nancy and Jeff Krar ...8:57 PM

Anonymous said...

After playing hockey, cross country, basketball, and track both with you and against you, you were an exceptional and very competitive athlete in everything you did.

For those who did not grow up with Jay in Cornwall, Jay was also a very talented point guard ala Steve Nash.

More importantly, as a coach myself, I know the extreme importance of giving back and you have earned the highest honours in what you have given back to both the triathlon and alpine ski communities.

It is not the quantity of years that you live that makes your life great.

It is the quality you create in your life and the contributions that you make to those around you that measures what impact your life has had.

Your life has been one I have read about from 1000s of km away and each time I have finished in amazement.

Congratualtions on being a role model to so many.

You are going to be sadly missed.

God Bless,

Randy Givogue
Brockville, Ontario ...9:13 PM

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jay, for being one of thoes people who inspire the very best in everyone who you touch.
You will be missed. ...10:42 PM

Ronald V. Popowich said...

For those who did not hear my story at the memorial service in Calgary I offer the following, it went something like this ...

Hello. My name is Ronald Popowich. I'm from Calgary.

I had never met Jason.

I have a short story to tell.

I was on my way out of town and stopped for an errand.

I dropped my pop on the passenger seat. I have never dropped a beverage in my car. I spent two – three minutes cleaning it up.

I then carried on, heading out West to my parents, West of Cochrane.

I was a beautiful sunny afternoon for a drive.

I came upon an accident scene and quickly pulled over.

I found Jason by the roadside. I stayed with him.

I believe I was there with him when he passed.

I do not understand why this happened to Jason.

I do understand why I dropped the pop.

It was so that Jason would not be alone when he passed. So that I could tell the people he loved and cared about and those who loved and cared about him that he looked happy, that he looked loved and full of love, and that he looked at peace.

Thank you all for sharing your memories of Jason so that I may have something good to remember Jason by.

God bless. ...1:48 AM

Anonymous said...

I don't think words can express just how much Jay meant to so many people over his lifetime.

Granted, I only knew Jay from CCVS and from playing hockey against him (damn good little goalie :) ), but Jay always had a way to make those around him laugh and feel good about one another.

He was quite the character from our days at CCVS.

So when I was informed of his tragic passing, many fond memories of our younger days flowed through my mind.

God speed Jay.

Dean Eastman ...7:16 AM

Anonymous said...

I went to highschool with Jason - & had the priviledge of being in touch via e-mail over the past couple of years.
Needless to say - we are all saddened & shocked to hear the news of J's passing.
Know that he was well respected, & thought of by all - he will be missed by all - we have lost a great friend - heaven has gained an angel. ...7:18 AM

Wheats49 said...

I met Jason on the Lakehead University Ski team. I was fortunate enough to get to know him quite will and all of the positive qualities he possessed. He had the attitude and charisma day in and out that we should all strive for.

God Speed Buddy!

Ryan Wheatley. ...10:28 AM

Chas & Karen Graham said...

Dear Claude & family,
Claude, we were sorry to hear about your son Jason. When you and Chas were at Taqwi together he remembers you speaking often with pride about your children and how much you enjoyed the times you spent together. He must have been so happy to have had such a special relationship with his Dad--this is not always the case in families and he was fortunate to share with you a passion for life and sport.
That which is loved is always beautiful and he will be loved forever by his family and friends.
Karen & Chas Graham, Chesterville ...11:13 AM

Prior Family said...

There are no words that can lessen the pain of the loss of Jason. Jason was not only a friend but a remarkable individual who touched our entire family in a significant way.

Jason's tenacity, his zest for life, his ideals and ethics towards sport were inspirational to ALL in our family but especially to our daughter Ashleigh whom he coached in her early racing years and with whom he shared his perspective on life with during the many, many hours spent driving to the "races". Jason's influence resumed for Ashleigh these last two years as Jason continued to mentor her in her capacity as one of his coaching staff. We always enjoyed hearing news from Ashleigh about Jason and often bumped into him at races we attended as spectators. We will miss Jason tremendously but he will be always remembered by us for the lasting contribution he made to our family.

Lesley, Rick, Ashleigh, Scott and Laura Prior ...4:10 PM

Jay's Family said...

Our heartfelt thanks to all who attended the ceremony in memory of our son Jay at Olympic Parc. We are so proud of Jay's contributions to the coaching of young athletes, his own personal quest for excellence was truly a model to all who knew him. He was able to raise the bar above the norm in a humble way, he stood taller than most! We love him dearly and miss him sadly. He was truly an awesome son and best friend!God bless, say a prayer for him tonight. Claude Lapierre and family ...5:43 PM

Anonymous said...

Things that will always remind me of Jason Lapierre:

Driving by his old house on 5th St. in Cornwall

The song 'true colours' by Cindy Lauper....CCVS high school dances

Canada Games Centre - Thunder Bay - with Jay near by giving me daily pointers

Mazda RX7's

My Sympathies to the Lapierre family and Annabelle...my prayers are with you all for the loss of a
wonderful person. I went to high school with Jason and spent some time with him in Thunder Bay as well...my heart goes out to all of you who are close to him.

Crystal (Deebank) Sergerie
Cornwall ...8:26 PM

Anonymous said...

I am saddened to hear about the tragic passing of Lap. As a fellow coach, I know that we've lost one of the good ones.

Lap - you encouraged a passion for skiing in Thunder Bay in a great group of young coaches, you motivated your athletes to be the best they can be, and you inspired people to love sport by doing so yourself.

You're a great coach, a strong motivator, a fierce competitor and a healthy role model for those around you. You've inspired more people than you know, and you're gonna be missed. Enjoy the long roads and open slopes that lie ahead waiting for you.

-jm ...9:51 PM

Anonymous said...

I recently had the privilege of spending a bike week with Jay in Penticton.
I was very nervous in the weeks leading up to the trip. It was going to be a week of riding with a small group of very distinguished triathletes. I had it labeled "bike hell week" on the calendar, but the opportunity to get to ride with these guys was one I wouldnt pass up.
I met Jay shortly after arriving. I remember thinking how dumb it was that I had been so nervous about coming. Jay, with in minutes seemed like a friend I had known for years. Through-out the week I was able to learn from and be inspired by Jay. "Hell week" turned out to be one of the best weeks I have ever had, and was very much looking forward to next year to do it again.
Thanks Jay, you made me feel like part of the group, you answered my repeated Oliver questions, and you forgave me for attacking on the first hill of the first day.

Your Friend,
Dallas Cain ...11:31 PM

Dr. Jane Taylor said...

We are all very distressed to hear the news of Jay's passing. Our heartfelt condolences go out to each member of Jay's family, his many friends, his students and team mates.We like to think that our students will make a difference in the world and it is obvious that Jay did that, even though the time was short, the effect is ever lasting.
Lakehead University, School of Kinesiology ...11:47 AM

Nigel said...

Wow! I never would have known how great you really were until I went to COP this past week. Wish I had taken the time during my 2 years in Alberta or previous to that when we passed each other in Ontario or since while I have been in Whistler trying to make things better everyday. Seems like a few bike rides, or day working side by side with you may have taught me a lot.In listening to your friends, family, Claude, Ron, Anabelle and Johnny K, I found out that you were far greater than I ever gave you credit for and wish I had taken the time to watch and listen to what you performed in your short life. Canadian Ski Racing misses you already but it will be better for what you showed them over the years. What a great legacy. ...1:19 PM

Anonymous said...

My family had the good fortune of meeting Lap as a young ski coach in Thunder Bay in the mid to late 90's. He was just a young man, forging his own identity, and trying to make a difference in the lives of young, impressionable athletes. I truly believe the lessons he taught my son Daryl, he will use, for the rest of his life. Lap was not just a ski coach! He was an advisor, a story teller/comedian, a motivator, a sports psychologist, and a chief cook and bottle washer. All those hours Lap spent driving a van full of ski racers from Thunder Bay, to Colorado, BC, or Tremblant, were never wasted. He taught life lessons, in his own sometimes boisterous way. How could anyone convince young teens to look forward to dryland taining?

We have lost a special person...a role model...he will never be forgotten.

Our deepest sympathies to the Lapierre family.

Bob Fuchihara & family
Thunder Bay, Ont. ...1:55 PM

Anonymous said...

Dear Jason,
Words will never be able to describe the shock and sadness I experienced last week upon hearing of your tragic passing.

Over the past week I have had several conversations with many of our friends from high school.Each person I spoke with was overcome with grief however, through our tears we were able to smile and even laugh as we recounted stories of those high school days.Memories of the blue RX-7, excursions to Quebec and drive in adventures were just some of the fond memories that we shared.We used to say "You can't buy times like these!"It certainly was the truth.

Now that I look back on those high school days I can see that even then you had a plan.I can remember you saying many times that you were going to be successful one day.You certainly achieved that goal.Your hard work and dedication enabled you to win in sport and in life.Your career, athletic acievements and many meaningful friendships are a testamant to that.

My heart goes out to your family and all those you hold dear.

I will remember all the good times.I will remember your zest for life.I will remember that lop-sided grin and the twinkle in your eye.I will remember you.

God Bless
Leigh-Ann ...2:31 PM

Anonymous said...

I still have not digested the enormity of this tragedy...

Words do not do justice to the memories of all the times we shared as running buddies - training, racing, laughing and simply carrying on like clowns. There is one memory, however, that stands out most in my mind.

Summer of 1993, Titus Mountain, Malone, New York: It was the first summer of many that we were training together and each week, without fail, you would pick me up in your truck and we'd head to Titus for "hill training". You convinced me that doing hill repeats up the side of a mountain, as opposed to small hills in Cornwall, would be best for strength training. Toward the end of the summer, you decided to see what kinda shape we were in and put together a workout that required us doing repeats of the entire mountain, bottom to top (and back down) six times. What were you thinking???? I have no idea what the distance was, but it took us nearly four hours (to this day the most grueling workout I've ever done). On the last run down the hill in the pitch black of night at about 11pm, I was sure I was going to break something.

Although we had competed with each other through much of high school and university, be it in track, cross country or even b-ball, I did not know until that day in Malone just how tough a competitor you were. In a single workout, you taught me the true importance of mental toughness. For that I thank you.

The world has lost a great athlete, competitor, teacher and person. I miss those summer training sessions.

I'll miss you Jay.

John Markell ...3:04 PM

Anonymous said...

I can't remember exactly when I first met Lappy, I suppose it was when I was tagging along side Brett in my rookie coaching season a couple years ago. However, I will always remember Lap's energy, intensity, love of ski racing and the big smile he always had on his face when his kids were skiing better than ours..

I was deeply moved by the memorial on Tuesday, and felt like I really wish I'd had the opportunity to get to hang out with Jay more. I was completely floored by the great contributions of Mark, John, Rob and others, and can't imagine more fitting words for an outstanding ski coach, athlete and friend. Most of us can only dream to accomplish half the amazing things that Jay accomplished in his life.

To ensure that everyone has a chance to see the memorial prepared by John Kucera I have uploaded it:

Click here to watch!

The ski racing community has suffered a great loss, you will be fondly remembered and sadly missed.

Evan Peters
Canmore, AB ...7:17 PM

Anonymous said...

I can't say I new Jay well, or recall the first time I met him. What I do recall is Jay's friendly hello when I would first see him at a race or to start the season. I am amazed by Jay's accomplishments and those of the people he touched. I hope through knowing those people I can know Jay better. Jay'.... your 34 years are an inspiration to all.

Sean Cameron ...11:05 PM

Lori said...

Jason, WOW! What a life you lived!Not that I would have expected anything less from you. Whatever you did, you did wholeheartedly, and with passion, always determined to be the best... You definately accomplished that!

Even though I haven't seen you in years, reading these memorials and talking with friends have brought many memories to mind. So much has changed since those days when you and Martin would tinker with your RX7 at the end of Stephen Street, but some things have remained the same....your love of life, your witty sense of humour, and of course that smile have stayed with you wherever you went. That's what I will always remember about you!

Your Friend,
Lori (McKinnon) Vandrish
Cornwall ...10:13 AM

Anonymous said...

To the Family of Jason,
Can't help but be so touched right now and completely overwhelmed after reading all these heartfelt tributes to Jason and the true impact that he's had on so many of his past and current friends.
Claude, to you and your family, you sure stacked those blocks right!! Jason was the young man that every parent aspires and dreams for their children to become! Hold your head up high...look up....you'll always know the brightest star you see will no doubt be Jason!
Jason...congratulations on such an accomplished life, for never giving up, and thank you for being the role model, teacher and mentor for our children! my kids watched the video and said, "wow!!!... who is this guy?... he could do everything!!!"
I now sure wish "we all" would have made better efforts this past July to attend The CCVS Reunion....."One last party altogether like the good 'ol high school days", and one last chance for us to all say good bye to you.......I guess "Our Reunion" with you will come someday....as will "the party like the good 'ol high school days!"

I'm proud to have known you..
Debbie(Delgreco)Nocita ...11:40 PM

Darlene said... 

I went to kindergarden at Ecole St. Anne in Cornwall with Jason, we were little buddies back then. He was always the best dodgeball player and the first to be picked for gym teams, so it doesn't surprise me that he became an ironman athlete and elite alpine skiier. Even when he was in grade school he was a thoughtful and caring friend, I can still hear him saying "C'mon Darlene, I'll walk you home."

My thoughts are with Jay's family and friends.

Darlene Hall. ...7:53 AM

Anonymous said...

I never met you Jay and have only heard of you thru my son who knew of you through the triathlon scene. His view that you were a super competitor with a magnetic personality. Some of us would be very happy if we were characterized in that way. However, after reading these blogs--Hey you were a mountain of a person. Your family and friends were very fortunate to have shared their lives with you. ...10:46 PM

Anonymous said...

It's been 10 years since I last saw Jay, but the 4 years I knew him at Lakehead are instilled heavily in my brain. Playing sports with and against him and the great social times outside of those will forever be a part of my fondest memories. Seeing his future successes indicate what an incredible individual he was and always will be. To the next step in your journey... CHEERS Uhaul ...7:09 PM

Anonymous said...

I knew Jason in high school. We were not close however he was close to some of of my close friends.

When I heard of Jason's passing I was stunned! I hadn't heard Jason Lapierre's name in years and this definitely was not the way I wanted to hear about him.

I feel honored to have known Jason. WOW what I life he accomplished for himself. He accomplished more in his life than most of us only dream of accomplishing.

To all of his family and friends you are in my thoughts. You are all so lucky to have been so close to such a beautfiful person. The video of him was so amazing to see so thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Goodbye Jay
Susan (Baker) Shannon ...7:59 PM

Faye Booth, Bainsville ON said...

What a senseless, tragic loss of life this is. It was not Jay's time to go. He was just getting ready to reach for that "golden ring" in his life, especially with his beautiful Annabelle at his side. I like to think of myself, as Jay's adopted "Aunt Faye". I met him several years ago here in Cornwall, at his sister Josie's wedding. Since then, I have grown to love him, like he was my real nephew. He visited us, that is Claude, June & myself down in Florida, this past Christmas, where I really learned more about his character, sense of humour, his love of life, love of veggies & fruit and his passion to always try to do more, even if it's getting dark at night and he wanted to go for another hour on his bike, with Claude following, in the car with the 4-Way Flashers on. He told his Dad, that it was one of the best Christmas' in a long time, cause he could train and not be cold. Christmas day we were all in the pool swimming. "Wow" he said, "only in Florida!" Then, when he brought Annabelle to visit everybody last month, that was the most memorable of all, cause we got to finally meet the girl of his dreams. I couldn't put the camera down! Claude & June prepared a lovely Bar-B-Q, Josie & Marc, his Grandmother, Jeannine, we were all together. Then after supper, Claude took Jay & Annabelle for a lovely boat ride, which was very special. The next morning, after a big breakfast, some fishing by the dock, more photographs. Finally, they didn't want to leave, but it was getting on, so outside in front of the house, at Creg Quay, more pictures of him and Annabelle, I don't know why, I couldn't put that camera down, but now I know why, those were to be special memories of a handsome young man & his beautiful young lady, that will live on forever, just like he will in all our hearts. "I love you Jay", were my last words to him, as he hugged me. "I love you too, Faye" he whispered in my ear. I will never forget him as long as I walk this earth. May he ski the highest mountains, ride the safest bike paths and run the most beautiful trails in heaven, forever and ever. May God bless you, Jay. Love "Aunt" Faye ...9:06 PM

Anonymous said...

I've never met Jason, but I'm close with one of his family members. His death is a tragic loss to his family, friends and the community that he lived in. He truly is an example of what we should all strive to be.
Even though I've never met him, I can feel the impact he made on the world.
His family and friends are not the only people that should be mourning, the world should be mourning with them. ...1:03 PM

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Jay in years...but will always remember our high school days. Those big blue eyes, spending time at hockey games watching my favorite goalie.

I remember the blue house on 5th street and the rx7 he always drove. When I hear songs from def lepard, sounds funny but this is what we listend to always it seemed. I often wondered about Jason.

I knew he would be great in all he did and that he would touch the lives of many.

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the news. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Heaven has gained a special angel, who will watch over all. ...10:20 AM

Anonymous said...

I have so many good memories of you, way to many to post, but please know this, you brought a lot of laughter, fun and happiness to my life and I am forever grateful. I miss you.

Michael Inskip ...3:34 PM

Kim Lapierre said...

I was very thankful to have been able to return to Thunder Bay to attend the Celebration of Life for Jason. Here is what I had to say;

Hello everyone… It is so nice to see all of you here and to be reunited with so many people that I haven't seen in such a long time. Although our reason for being together is a sad one, I am happy to be close to all of you again. Thank you so much for coming tonight. I would like to start out with a quote I have found, "It is only when we truly know and understand that we have limited time on earth --- and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, that we will then begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had."
I thought about Jason immediately when I read that quote and I can truly say without a moment of hesitation that the Jason I knew and loved lived his life just like that. I remember the day we met… at Mt. Norquay in November 1998. I was on my way to work and noticed the Lake Superior Ski Division van in the parking lot. Upon further investigation I met the Assistant FIS coach and thought to myself --well now, isn't he gorgeous, and not a bad skier either… Jason and I were engaged two months later.
Living life the fullest was something we did together everyday. The decision to get married was one based on our love for one another as well as the idea that it's what we wanted 'at that moment'. I have no regrets and I am so glad that we were able to enjoy that precious day at the Fretz's place on August 21, 1999. Our time together that followed was amazing in many ways, we decided soon after to move to the mountains… it's where we both wanted to be. Jason didn't look back… he believed in himself and became a coach with the Calgary Alpine Racing Club that same year. I'm sure many of you know the amazing things he has provided that club, from the FIS team, to the kids he helped make their way onto the Alberta Team, and of course leading John Kucera to the 2006 Olympics in Torino. I was with Jason the day John's dad found out he had made the team, an incredible moment to witness. Jason was always trying to improve the quality of the experience those athletes would have. And one thing that really stood out to me was the way he led by example. I have no doubt that the respect he gained had a lot to do with the fact that he led an incredibly active and successful life as an athlete himself.
I'll never forget the day I received a phone call from Jason, it was the month of June 2001. He had been thinking about getting back into training for some time, "getting more serious about it" was the way he put it. He called to tell me that he was going to do an Ironman. I was both excited and shocked and my first reaction was, "Jason that's amazing, but…ummm… you can't swim!" He told me to let it go and that he would learn. I of course knew what it took to become a competent swimmer and what I would witness happen over the next year and a half was nothing short of amazing. Jason read books, watched videos, and joined a Master's swim club even though for the first little while he had to use a pull buoy so his legs wouldn't sink. He stuck it out and in August of 2003 he competed in Ironman Canada with a truly incredible result. He finished in the top 10 of his age group in a time of 9 hours and 53 minutes. Under 10 hours for his first ever Ironman Triathlon. Incredible!!! When I spoke to him later that day I asked how the swim went, "Kim it was soo hard, so many people, I got kicked in the head so many times… it was crazy! But you know it was really an amazing feeling, to pass them all on the bike!!"
That was only the beginning of his amazing career as both an athlete and a coach. Jason excelled in these areas of his life because he put his heart and soul into them and woke up every morning with the idea that today would be better then yesterday.
Although our marriage dissolved Jason and I remained close friends. We spoke to one another every week, and gave each other support when it was needed. We shared an understanding of the desire to 'be the best' and I have no doubt that we pushed one another to become just that.
Although we were living in different cities we still managed to have joint custody of Brinkley… many people thought that was crazy… joint custody of a dog??? For those of you who have met our dog, I'm sure you understand. Brinkley is another great example of the love and devotion that Jason gave. Honestly, have you met a sweeter puppy??
I will miss Jason, I will miss his ambition, his drive, his never ending desire to improve… I will miss his phone calls telling me, "Kim, if you want it bad enough… nothing can stop you!" And I will miss telling him the same.
He was such an inspiration and I know he will remain as such. Keep him in your hearts and whenever the going gets tough, stay strong and think of Jason, he didn't believe in the word can't and he only lived his life the best way he knew how, for the moment, for the incredible day that lay ahead.

... with love, Kim ...1:47 PM

Anonymous said...

We, in Thunder Bay, were very fortunate to find Jason in our midst during the 90's.

It is so nice to hear how he continued to be such a positive force in the lives of so many people throughout his short lifetime.

This was the essence of Jason. In charging after his own goals he was able to help so many others meet or exceed their own expectations for themselves.

I will always miss Lap's determination to improve whatever and whomever he touched.

Jason was certainly blessed with super parents! I'm sure after hearing his father, Claude, speak at the Calgary memorial service, everyone there had a greater insight into what drove Jason to be so passionate about sport coaching.

Claude reminded us all about the importance of mentoring young people. He asked all Jason's young athletes to reflect on their experiences as one of Jason's athletes. He implored these youngsters to continue to learn, reach their goals and then give back as coaches. In this way they would be able to continue the legacy of Jason.

Jason was making a huge contribution to the competitive skiing in Canada. I believe his greatest contributions were yet to come and I am confident the name Jason Lapierre will live on in the ski racing world for quite some time.

As a former employer, mentor and, above all, friend I am so proud of Lap for all that he accomplished in this world. He has set an example of excellence for us all to follow.

Lap, you truly were an inspiration to me and I will miss you dearly.
DB ...10:23 PM

Anonymous said...

had numerous occassions to chat with Lappy over the years on the hill as we watched the kids go by. I am deeply sadened by the early passing of another great asset to the skiing community. Let all who weve lost dreams continue.

Greg F ...4:18 PM

Melanie Hull said...

I heard the terrible news of jay only today. Funny i was up in Whislter BC talking with some Ski Coaches who were visiting during summer training camps about LAPPE.
And I thought to myself. Hmmm I wonder where the heck Lappe is and what the heck is he up to?
My heart sank when i heard about Jason.
I first met Lappe in THUNDER BAY Ont during his UNIVERSITY days. At big LAKEHEAD U.We spent alot of time toghter during the winters on the Hill & seeing him in the summers working for Dave Bradley treeplanting. During his coaching days with the LAKE SUPERIOR SKI DIVSION. I would get a good laugh off of Lappe with his coaching/life stories always wanting to do things his own way when it came to SKIING and COACHING... The issues we faced with skiing politics and athletes always turned into some kind of laugh attack after we bitched about it on the hill. I miss those days.He was a little firecracker. Always going out with a BANG.

I will always remember Lappe's quick wit and funny cackel. He was always ahead of the pack from Skiing to Cycling to LIFE...
I will miss you Lappe....

May you bust some turns in Heaven and Cycle like no tomoorow... SPARKEL ON LIL FIRECRACKER.BANG.....


Josie said...

Jason's memorial celebration will be held on Saturday, August 19th at 1PM in Cornwall in the General Vanier Secondary School (GVSS) auditorium, 1500 Cumberland St. ...11:06 AM

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to think back on my days with Jason and realize what a huge impact he had on my life. I can honestly say he was one of the few people that truly believed in me. And when I say he believed in me I mean he wouldnt accept anything less then what he knew I was capable of....the funny thing is that he pushed me farther then I ever knew I could go. That was the one of a kind "jay" attitude that helped me reach my goals. Ive never forgotten his dedication and commitment to me and I am so grateful to have had him as a friend, a coach and a mentor; he will forever inspire me to the finish line.

Alli ...10:38 PM

Josie Bellemare said...

I was very fortunate to receive an email from Jay just a few hours before he left for his fateful bike ride on July 19th. It was a long email and I remember thinking how nice it was to receive and that I would reply to him the next day.

I did not get the chance to reply, but if I did, and if I had I known that it would have been our last communication, this is what I would have written:


I have so many fond childhood memories of you. I'm so glad we talked about some of them when you visited last month. I even look back fondly on our days as teenagers, when we would fight over the truck, clothes, and cassettes. I still cannot believe you could run for hours but you would wake me up in the morning for a ride from mom's house to your landscaping job on Tollgate Road, only a 10-minute walk!

Over the years, you've taught me everything from how to wax a car to how not to nag my husband. I'm still working on that one! You've given me priceless advice, most of which I have based important life decisions upon. I often find myself quoting you to others and trying to motivate them the way that you've motivated me.

I have always admired your leadership abilities, your athleticism, and your charm. I am in awe of your dedication, perseverance, passion, and drive. You have a lifestyle that I've always envied, how shocked was I when you hinted recently that you envied my daily 8-4 grind. You live life to the fullest; nobody can argue that.

As we've grown into adults, we've kept each other close, always remaining protective of each other. You are my idol and I have the utmost respect for you, ask anyone who knows me.

Lately, you are the happiest I've ever seen you. You are so calm, positive and at peace with life. I am so proud of who you are, the success you have achieved and the people you have surrounded yourself with. You truly are one of a kind.

I remember when you took me for a run on the bike path to Long Sault and I wanted to give up after only a few minutes. When I stopped and said, "I can't do it," you quickly replied as you kept on running, "Jos ~ you're a Lapierre, you can do anything!" I will have to remember those words because losing you will be the hardest run of my life. I will no longer have excuses. I will continue to be inspired by you and carry on your legacy. Thank you for sharing your time on earth with me, I will always love you my big brother.

Until we meet again, ride like the wind!

Love ~ your sister,
Josie ...9:15 AM

Johnny K said...

I met Lapp seven years ago, he was a great new coach who was excited and eager, and I was one of his first "projects". He always believed in me from the begining even at times when I found it hard to believe in myself, his strength and direction helped me find my way through some tough obstacles. He was my best friend and always there when I needed him most.

He was extremely driven and he would always push all his athletes to their limits, helping them find something inside themselves that they didn't know they had. Jay helped all his athletes improve and acheive their personal goals, but he also made us into better people preparing us not only for our sport but life as well. Lapp was the most influencial person in my life, he helped me become the person I am today.

Thank you for being my best friend and the best inspirational mentor I could have ask for. I will never forget our great times together, including a couple of those vicious workouts. And I will always remember what you taught me, your great advice, and those motivational speechs that always pumped everyone up. I'm really going to miss you buddy.

Cheers Lapp.

Johnny ...8:13 PM

Annabelle said...

Words are barely enough to describe someone that means the world to you....

I dedicate this tribute to Jason Claude Lapierre...

A truly inspirational man who brought so much joy, happiness and love into my life. A remarkable man who knew the meaning of "living" and "being". He has made be a better person and opened my eyes to what it is like to truly live life. I feel so priveleged to love and have been loved by a person such as Jay. To have shared something so genuine and pure is so rare.....and for that I am grateful every day.

I take our memories and his legacy forward with me to become the person I know he would have been proud of.

When someone is able to inspire you to be all that you can be & somehow motivate you without their presence........... -You Know-

When someone is able to put a different spin on your way of thinking.......... -You Know-

When you wake up in the morning & look forward to just "being" with that person........ -You Know-

When you can look into that person's eyes & feel everything they feel without saying a word......... -You Know-

And when you feel such an overwhelming amount of love that it hurts...... -You Know-

You know you have found your soul mate.

To my soul mate & true love....

I will cherrish the very being of your soul and hold you dear to my heart forever.

-My Blue Eyed Angel.....
Jay Lapierre

Till we meet again...
All my love,
Annabelle ...12:45 AM

Josie said...

Happy 35th Birthday Jason!

I wish I could see you just one more time, to give you a hug, to tell you how much I admire you, to wish you well on your next journey, and to tell you that I will never forget you, not for one day, for the rest of my life.

Josie ...7:25 AM

Lafrance said... 

Today would have marked your 35th birthday. If I could speak with you right now, this is what I would say:

I love you! You are so incredible! I'm lucky to have known you. People always say to me "Lap and you have a special bond." Words can't really describe what we had. I will never have a friend like you in my life again. We've known each other since 1989. No one knew me the way you did. Our lives always seemed to merge. What's the chance we'd both be in Calgary in 2006. I think back on the 17 years that I knew you. Wow. What great memories! I long for those memories that were to be. I feel cheated. You were supposed to be uncle Jay. You were supposed to tell my kids stories about their mom when she was young. We were supposed to grow old together. I feel my children were cheated.

Life seems so unfair. I will never love someone the way I loved you. I know I was lucky to have a friend like you. Most people never get the chance to have a fraction of what we had. I feel blessed.

I will always look at pictures of you and I will always read the old letters you wrote to me. I will always talk about you. Always. You may not be here in person but I feel your presence everywhere around me.

I know you are watching over me. Thank you for being a part of my life's journey - Until we meet again.

Love Always,

Lisa Lafrance ...1:35 PM

Anonymous said...

It is only today that my mother saw an old ski aquaintance and they relayed to her that Jay is gone. I had wondered why I hadn't heard from him in awhile. It was just the other day that I felt guilty for not touching base. I don't usually write on these type of things but I have no one to mourn with or reminisce with. I have always been the type of person to expect the unexpected. Over the years I have heard of those who were once close that are now gone. However, this hurts terribly.

Somehow, since the moment I saw Jay jumping over the lip of the Giant at Loch Lomond we have kept in touch. It's a long time to stay in touch with someone, with really only moments of seeing one another over those years. We wrote one another when choices seemed difficult or life took it's inevitable turns, always with the intention of hopefully getting together someday. I really wanted him to meet my family. We were going to try to meet up last fall but it didn't work out. I think this hurts so badly because I always somehow believed that we would know one another as older people...sitting in some ski bar somewhere in the world.

It could be because we bonded over what we thought was a near death experience. This was before we really had lived no doubt. We got lost on a back packing trip in Lake Placid together. Of course Jay didn't want to get directions because he was sure he knew the way. We spent the night back to back beside a small fire in the belief that we would momentarily be eaten by a mountain lion. I was clapping out these rediculous Hammarskjold Cheerleading songs that were interupted by Jason's, "Holy shits..." I think he lost a total of six pounds in body weight by the time we made it out. I don't know why we would have ever weighed ourselves but I can remember Jay getting on the scale and saying once again, "Holy shit." For some reason when things seem overwhelming I have always carried the image of Jay driving in his blue jeep. Perhaps it was because we thought we were going to die the night before but we both admitted to feeling that at that one moment everything was good, everything was just the way it should be. From that day on I knew that we would live different lives but everything would be just fine. Jay always made me feel like I had won or done the best I could have regardless of the situation. He has been an image in my mind over all these years that pushed me on when I felt like I couldn't go anymore. He reminded me of the person I was before we took life on. We counted ourselves lucky last winter to have known one another as friends and to have stayed in touch over the years. I feel so horrible that I hadn't written him in so long. I was feeling stupid for loosing this office job and didn't want to whine to him about it. And I know all he probably would have told me was that I didn't belong in a box anyways, too bad for them.

I so wish I could have seen him one last time. But perhaps that was all we were to one another, simple images of a different time and place that reminded us from time to time of what was important in life.

I will sorely miss you Jay but I feel blessed to have shared the adventures that we did. ...9:32 PM

June Lapierre (Mom) said...

Dearest Jay,
There hasn't been a day or a night that has gone by, that you haven't been on my mind. What happened on July 19th, should have never happened. You always gave love away to others, because you had it in yourself. You always had respect for others, because you did not lack self-respect. You always radiated happiness, because you were happy yourself. Nobody has your energy and if they do, it came from you. You truly are a gorgeous man inside and out. You can't give away what you don't have, because you're always giving what you do have. You are never a builder of homes, but you are a builder of keeping your friends and family together. Since you left, your father and I cry together or separately every minute of the day. You are a hero, as your father is to me. You are truly your father's son. When I look into his eyes, I can see your eyes. When I see his love of sports, I can see your love of sports. When I see his love of life, I can see your love of life. When I see his love for family, I can see your love for family. When I see his love for animals, I can see your love for animals. Jay, I know, that you always knew right from wrong and that your soul will not settle, until all the answers of July 19th are heard. I have read from alot of your friends and family on this Memorial Blog, and felt the love of all those who wrote and knew you. I will not call this Blog a Memorial, but a history of a True Legend. I am not a great runner, as you know, or an athelete, but I will see you at the finish line and even though I'll need some help to get there, I know you will hold my hand. We will make the angels sing a Frank Sinatra and a John Denver song, that I found out, you enjoyed listening to, who would have thought. Closing for now, over and out....Love Mom ...12:25 PM

Anonymous said...

It's November the 9th, 2006 and I still can't believe Jay is not around. I'm sure many of the kids he coached will miss him immensely. Maybe he is skiing down the hills of heaven:) ...12:19 PM

Info Now said...

The mark of imortality is to touch those never met. Jason lives on forever through the beautiful eyes of his mother. My husband and I met him yesterday--he was in our home with his Paul Neuman eyes and beautiful smile sharing stories of adventure and we could almost hear his laugh. Through this blog we got to know Jason--what a gift and we will hold him in our hearts.
Mace and Jo Hart
Leesburg Fl ...5:00 AM

Anonymous said...

Today was an excellent day for ski racing in Canada and especially for Calgary Alpine. Lap, I know you were there, standing with us, cheering and screaming as we watched each racer come down - unable to knock John off the top of the podium. You were in our minds and our hearts today as always.

Keep watching over us, we always need your help and guidance.

~ Ash ...9:52 PM

Brian said... 

Congratulations Lap! you and John did it. First world cup win, good job man. ...10:01 PM

Johnny K said...

Hey Lappy that one was for you! All of that hard work you made me do finally lead us to one of our top goals. I wish you could have been there to share the moment, but I know you must have seen it from above. I miss you buddy.

Johnny ...3:28 PM

Anonymous said...

Hey Jay. Well, the day came and it was astounding. World Cup #1. I know you were there with us saying your favorite stuff when John was in the finish circle. I felt you as many others did, your power was adding to the awesome event that was unfolding. I miss you soo much. I shed some tears of joy for John's accomplishment and your legacy. I can honestly say it was the most powerful experience that I have ever had during my time as a coach, even though I wasn't coaching. If you were here today in physical form I know that you would make it all about John. That's why your the best. A humble, powerful soul that will keep many of us inspired until our day comes to pass. For you, I give all of the congratulations to John, Jan, Zdena, and James for there tireless and persistent dreams of being the best. You did it! Thanks to Brian and Peter, two men that also hugely impact John on his quest for gold. Keep the power with you John, Gold is the closest thing to Jay.

Schwany ...10:03 AM

Anonymous said...


The scholarship fund is being set up such that Jay's name will live forever. Please pass this on to others that were inspired by Jay and might want to donate to this tax-deductible charity. ...11:08 AM

Anonymous said...

I just recently came across this photo again. Great memories of earlier in 2006. Jay rode strong in the Pigeon Lake road race, Devin just nipped him at the line, Spence Smitheman ended up 3rd. I got to watch the action from 4th, I always loved riding with those three.

Erik Bakke ...7:51 PM

Josie said...

Check out CBC Sports on Saturday, December 23rd, Men's skiing from Hinterstoder, AUT, for a televised feature story on Johnny and Jay. ...7:07 AM

Anonymous said...

January 2, 2007 ~ Can't believe you're gone, can't believe what happened, can't believe it was meant to be, can't stop thinking of you, can't stop wishing it wasn't so, can't stop my heart from hurting, can't stop my eyes from crying. You meant so much, you still do, and you always will.

While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil. ~John Taylor ...8:06 AM

Kim Lapierre said...

... I was skiing a few weeks ago in Whistler, it was a gorgeous day with so much snow. I thought of you during every turn Jason and I'm sure that helped.

I do miss you everyday...

k ...4:26 AM

Anonymous said...

here in eastern ontario...winter does not want to come...it has hardly snowed at all...the animals are confused, they think it is spring...everyone is saving money on snow removal. Jason is keeping all the snow to himself...the slopes of heaven are the best skiing conditions...Jason...you need to share some snow with us down here...ha ha ...7:00 PM

Anonymous said...

 When Jason did his first Ironman Penticton a few years ago, he sent me his powerpoint of his experience. It was great to watch, typical Jay fashion, the photos and music, like he did for CARC awards.
I had that Powerpoint saved on my pc that died last summer, and was hoping someone else still has it and can post it here? I would so love to see it again.... ...5:39 PM

Josie said...

There is a link to the Ironman video at the bottom of Trev's page here:

Stay tuned for Jay's memorial website coming soon where you will be able to view all things Jay.

www.jasonlapierre.com ...7:51 PM

Anonymous said...

You have touched so many lives.
Caused so many people to smile, and realize that life is good. You live on through so many people, who hope that in any way they can be like you, live like you and make you proud. You tried to be tough with me, but I could see you have a heart of gold. You cared so much for those around you. You taught live lessons without even knowing you were. You were a mentor and continue to be for so many people.
Your life affected so many even though it was short.
Thank you for making me smile... and showing me the tough love I needed.
You truly are an inspiration, and you are missed everyday.
Ride on. ...1:35 PM


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