Lappy Art

By Beth

"Jason was my roommate in Canmore, for about two years, and it was a friendship that immediately sparked. We shared interests in both cycling and skiing, and biked and skied together often. He inspired me everyday, when I would watch him head out the door for his run, after only just moments ago coming home from a swim. I was exhausted watching him. I was also amazed at how much food that boy could eat after he worked out! WOW! He fell asleep once with a tray of Lasagna on his lap, very funny.

He inspired me to get my art out there. He was the instigator in getting my art in a popular coffee shop ‘The Summit Café’ in Canmore. Thanks to Jason for that. Just the way Jason would instill confidence in what I was doing was amazing. I am not surprised at how he inspired his athletes too. A true motivator and teacher. I thank Jason for that!

Thanks in peace..."

-Beth Cairns

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Jason's Life and Legacy