John Kucera - Canada's Skiing Superstar

John Kucera, a member of the Canadian Olympic Ski Team, made history by capturing Gold in the 2006 World Cup Super-G at Lake Louise.  He dedicated his victory to Jason, (Eric Francis) his mentor and friend who would not be there that day...

On February 7, 2009, in Val d'lsere, France, John once again made skiing history. This Canadian Cowboy gave it his all, stunning the skiing world by winning Gold in the World Cup Downhill.  No other Canadian has ever garnered a World Cup Gold in this event.  And... once again he remembered Jason.

Writing for the Toronto Star, Randy Starkman offers a rare gift to sports journalism.  Not only can he report the facts, he delights his readers with his somewhat offbeat and refreshing take on things.  (Check out his Olympics Blog!) of all, Randy possesses that inciteful eye that can delve beneath the surface to uncover the passionate heartbeat of a story.

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