Jay & Trev

Besides being awesome athletes, fierce triathlon and cycling competitors and training partners, Jason and Trevor Williams were great friends. Trev was the one who accompanied Jason to his first Ironman Canada in 2003 and documented Jason's amazing race in a little gem entitled 'Jay's Video'.

Jason's death hit Trev hard. Since that time, Trev has worked relentlessly to ensure that Jason's legacy will live on for years to come. 

He organized the first Jay Lap Memorial Cycling Dual-Stage ITT Omnium  held in Calgary during the summer of "08 and has been instrumental in promoting this race to become a premier cycling event in Alberta. The ABA announced recently that The Jason Lapierre Memorial Cycling Race, hosted by Calgary's Speed Theory Cycling Club of which Trev is a member, is now the home of the ITT and TTT provincial championships, a Criterium and BBQ. This event is slated for the weekend of August 22, 23, 2009.

Trev had one more project in mind to honour his departed friend. "I thought it would be really cool to have my bike done up right...I am having a 'Memorial' bike created in Jason's memory", he wrote in an email to me last May. Darin Wheeler of Tennessee was hired to create the customized paint job. The bike is on display at Speed Theory,  735A 10th Ave SW in Calgary.

Trev's memorial bike to Jay is awesome! Just like always, Jason and Trev cycle on together.

Jay's Memorial Bike Photo Gallery


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Jason's Life and Legacy