• There's people that sit back and laugh at the jokes, and there's people who push the buttons, take the risks, and cause the laughter.
  • There are men in this world that shouldn't have had kids. There are men who never did, but it's a damn shame they didn't, because they would have made a great dad.
  • There are people who give advice, who follow advice, and there's people who drink too much coffee the morning of an Ironman and foul their wetsuit.
  • There are people who don't understand what it means to 'Go the Garden with Mr. Kuriyama', and those who do know.
  • There's people who post inane blogs and get ignored, and then there's people who post the most bizarre things, intent on drawing good-natured ridicule from friends.
  • There are people you meet once, twice… you still can't remember their names, and you might remember the face.
  • There are people that make an immediate and unforgettable impression, and you want them to come back.
  • There are people who come to stay in your house in Penticton to cheer on their friends. They take over your house, and drink all your beer, but you still want them to come back. That's when it will hit me this year. We still want him to come back.
  • To all his friends, any family who come across this, please accept our sympathies.

    Kelly and Yoshie


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Jason's Life and Legacy