CBC Kucera/Lapierre Feature

Judy Dine, a producer with CBC, was inspired by John Kucera's dedication of his Lake Louise World Cup Super-G gold medal to Jason, his former coach, mentor and friend.  She produced the Kucera/Lapierre Feature which aired on December 23, 2006 during the CBC television coverage of the World Cup Men's Super-G competition in Hinterstoder, Austria.   

"I have been touched by the tragic loss of your son, even though I never knew him personally. From everything I have read and heard about Jason, I know that the sports world has lost a great teacher and mentor, and I know that his friends and family have all lost a wonderful person.  Since hearing from you, and Josie and Claude and people at CARC, I have been very sad to learn more about Jason's story and how tragically he was taken from all of you."  - Judy Dine

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Jason's Life and Legacy